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World’s First University Dedicated To Gaming Opens Its Doors

Published April 1, 2013 by |
Gaming University

Update: Yup, April Fools!

A specialist university, devoted to teaching gaming skills has been established.

Gaming University, which describes itself as the “first University in the world dedicated to videogaming”, opened its doors on Monday, April 1st 2013. The Univeristy will be taking students starting in September for the 2013/14 academic year.

The new UK-based institution is said to have received major funding from industry veteran Hiroshi Yamauchi. The former Nintendo President donated funds to the project, investing heavily in the campus facilities. The now completed campus is ready, and preparing for new students in the net few months. Mr.Yamauchi is yet to visit.

Gaming University Campus

The specialist University, currently offers one three-year undergraduate degree. The course, which costs over £9,000 per year, has several unique modules that the University claims won’t be on offer at any other educational institution. Modules include the likes of EA Sports Science, taught by Peter Moore, Pokemon Studies led by celebrated Professor Oak, and an online-only SimCity Planning module.

Game Medicine lecturer Dr. Mario remarked on the launch of Gaming University:

“Today’s announcement marks a milestone for the videogaming industry, highlighting the importance of our multi-million pound industry. It is hoped this specialist institution will create better gamers. Wahoo!”

Those interested in possibly attending Gaming University can find out more information, including the admission requirements, on the official University website. However, it’s worth noting you need atleast 25,000 Gamerscore before you can apply.