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Mini Demand For The Wii Mini Following Its UK Launch

Published March 24, 2013 by |
Wii Mini

Nintendo’s redesigned Wii console, the Wii Mini, launched this week in the UK, but it seems that demand for the slimmed down console isn’t quite what Nintendo had hoped for.

A GAME flagship store got in touch with TechRadar to inform them that the store isn’t even stocking the console due to poor consumer response.

Wii Mini

“We’ve pretty much had nothing. None at all,” they said.

It appears they aren’t the only ones either, as apparently HMV aren’t stocking the mini console for the same reason. With what’s seemingly an ever diminishing number of videogame retailers on the High Street, to not have the full support of surviving HMV and GAME is not a good position to be in — it’s not looking good for the baby Wii.

So what’s gone wrong? Unlike the successful redesigns of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the Wii Mini is stripped of some seriously key capabilities, such as the lack of internet connectivity, an SD card slot or the ability to play GameCube games.

While it does cost less, coming in at £79.99, in comparison to the Wii’s £129.99 price tag, that saving clearly isn’t enough to justify the serious dip in features.

All of this is a paints a worrying picture for Nintendo, especially with their Wii U console also not meeting expectations. Nintendo claim to have a plan to fix this sales’ deficit, but with the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox console likely to release this year their first-mover advantage is getting shorter by the day.