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Bournemouth University Students Working On Title For PS4

Published March 22, 2013 by |
Mendel's Farm (PS4)

A team of seven students from Bournemouth University are working on a release for the upcoming PlayStation 4.

Working under the name Static Games the groups project, Mendel’s Farm, is already into the final four of the cross-European development competition Make Something Unreal Live 2013.

The winner of the competition will receive an Unreal 4 Development Kit licence, which means should Static Games win, Mendel’s Farm could go into full-scale production according to project lead Ryan Pinfield:

“We are working with a next-gen engine and therefore we are developing a next-gen game. We can release it for PS4, but it can easily be made multi platform and would also make sense on PC.

The iOS market is saturated. But the PlayStation 4 is a brand new console, which is exciting. We believe Mendel’s Farm can be a launch title. That’s a feasible target if we win Make Something Unreal.”

Static Games

Static Games with project lead Ryan Pinfield (centre)

Described by the team as a cross between Theme Hospital, Farmville and Viva Piñata, Mendel’s Farm’s main focus is on breeding mechanics and resource management elements.

The game takes its name from Gregor Mendel’s research into genetically inherited characteristics after the team responded to a brief from Epic Games and The Wellcome Trust to build a game around his research.