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Gaming Reads Weekly – March 17th

Published March 17, 2013 by |
Dead or Alive Volleyball

Keeping on top of an endless Twitter feed or a piling-up RSS list can be a little daunting, even more so now that Google are planning on killing Reader.

So, each and every week (after a brief hiatus) Gamebrit brings together a selection of some of the gaming stories that caught our eye and are worth your attention — here’s your round-up for the week ending Sunday, March 17th.

Sit back, relax and grab a drink and give the gaming articles you may have missed this week a read:

Ethical Pirates

Do you think pirating a copy of a game you already own/previously paid for is ethical? PC Gamer explore the topic in a column in which two staffers fight for and against the practice.

Face Off: Is it ethical to pirate a game you’ve already paid for?Logan Decker & T.J. Hafer, PC Gamer

Videogame Boobies

Just what is the game industries obsession with breasts? From Lara’s originally buxom appearance to the Dead Or Alive volleyball games’ seemingly endless infatuation, digital big boobs are something not uncommon in many games.

Edge looks at why this fixation has held, and how the videogame industry may be moving on from it’s seemingly adolescent ways. However, I think it’s safe to say that gaming is by no way the only industry guilty of such “over-exposure”, and that change is, although often touted, rare to see.

Why is the game industry still fixated on breasts?Edge

Disney Bought Star Wars, Here’s How

This pick is less about gaming and more about, well Star Wars.

A record of how Disney CEO Robert Iger made the momentous $4billion deal happen, and how similar deals for both Pixar and Marvel have worked wonders (so far).

How Disney Bought Lucasfilm—and Its Plans for ‘Star Wars’Devin Leonard, Bloomberg Businessweek

That’s your recommended reads for this week, be sure to come back next week for more.

If you have any suggestions for stories you think folks should be reading just drop us a tweet with your recommendations.