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Filmmakers Aim To Kickstart UK Videogames Documentary

Published March 1, 2013 by |

Experienced filmmakers Anthony & Nicola Caulfield have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete their two-hour long feature film ‘From Bedrooms to Billions‘ — a documentary telling the story of the UK games industry from 1979 onwards.

The duo are aiming to raise £18,000 to do post-production, secure archive footage, stills, music usage and clearances. If successful the film will release later this year.

This isn’t the first time they have used crowdfunding, as they previously seized the tools of similar site Indiegogo to pay for all the documentary’s interviews that have now been undertaken.

Rewards on offer for this campaign range from a copy of the film in various formats, to numerous retro gaming machines including a Commodore 64, Acorn Electron & ZX Spectrum 48k.

The Caulfields aren’t new to the documentary film industry with plenty of credits to their name including ‘Hitman – Burning Hope’ an in-depth ‘fly on the wall’ documentary account of the production of ‘Hitman Absolution’ and ‘Jet Set Radio – A Rude Awakening’ a retrospective look back at the iconic game with the original creators and graffiti legend Eric Haze.

Despite only launching their campaign on 25th February, at the time of writing £12,535 has already been raised with yet another 56 days left to reach that ultimate £18,000 amount. While the deadline of April 26th stands, it’s currently looking very positive for the project.

You can pledge to the campaign here.