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LoveFilm’s Lack Of Wii U Games Due To Stock Problems?

Published February 5, 2013 by |
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UPDATE: At time of writing (Sunday, February 10) the rental issues on LoveFilm appear to be mostly resolved, with the majority of titles now available to rent.

Original Story:

Stock problems and licensing issues are said to possibly be amongst the complications halting certain Wii U games from being made available for rent via LoveFilm.

The Amazon-owned rental service currently lists around 30 Wii U games on its website, including the likes of FIFA 13, Zombie U and New Super Mario Bros. U, however only a handful of these titles are actually available to rent.

LoveFilm told Gamebrit last month that this lack of titles was due to a “website glitch”, which was said to be in the process of being fixed.

Following Gamebrit’s report one reader shared his experience of liaising with LoveFilm’s customer service department, revealing other issues at play.

When contacting LoveFilm it was asked why such a limited range of titles were on offer, despite the console having been released in November of last year. In response to this customer query LoveFilm stated that:

“Wii U games are unavailable to rent as there is either no rental distribution license available for it at present or not been able to buy the necessary stock.”

The customer services response noted that games will be added once the noted issues had been resolved, adding that due to the console recently launching “it may take some time for these titles to be available”.

We reached out to LoveFilm to clarify on the above comments made in the email to the customer, and they again reaffirmed that it is a problem with the LoveFilm website:

“it’s a website glitch which we’re currently looking into. We have rental licenses for the games – otherwise we wouldn’t have the titles available that we do”.

Have you faced problems renting Wii U games via LoveFilm? Let us know in the comments.