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Gaming Reads Weekly – February 3rd

Published February 3, 2013 by |
I get this call every day

Keeping on top of an endless Twitter feed or a piling up RSS list can be daunting. Each and every week Gamebrit brings together a selection of some of the gaming stories that caught our eye and are worth your attention — here’s your round-up for the week ending Sunday, February 3rd.

Sit back, relax and grab a drink and give the gaming articles you may have missed this week a read:

In The Firing Line

David Gallant worked in a call centre. His mundane day job inspired him to create a videogame portraying his day-to-day work tasks. The game, ‘I Get This Call Every Day’ was less about offering a fun experience and more about conveying empathy through an interactivity medium.

Gallant’s game soon came to light, by way of a news report, and soon enough he was no longer working for the employer that the game imitated.

How Making a Video Game About Your Life Can Get You Fired Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb

Nintendo: Get a Grip

Following a less then stellar quarter for Nintendo many are asking where the gaming giant should go next. Both Wii U and 3DS sales forecasts have been slashed and Iwata has personally apologized for the disappointing results. Steve Peterson argues that Nintendo need to get clued up, get a grip and get on with things.

Nintendo: Time for an intervention?Steve Peterson, Games Industry International

Have a great sense of fun: Steve Ince on 20 years in the Industry

For those of you looking to enter the industry, award-winning writer and game designer Steve Ince has some words of wisdom to share.

Following 20 years working in the world of videogames on titles such as Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword, Ince shares his thoughts on passion, pacing and player choice.

20 Things I Learned…Steve Ince, Writing and Design

That’s your recommended reads for this week, be sure to come back next week for more.

If you have any suggestions for stories you think folks should be reading just drop us a tweet with your reccomendations.

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