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Government Increase Focus on Computer Science Education, Good News For The Future Of UK Gaming Industry

Published January 31, 2013 by |

The UK government has announced that computer science will be a core part of the English education system — hopefully providing a key boost to future home-grown gaming indsutry talent.   Computer Science will now become part of the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) system, a secondary education academic qualification introduced in recent years. The EBacc claims to encourage participation and sets out to recognise success in academic studies including English, mathematics, languages, and sciences. Computer Science is set to become the fourth science alongside physics, chemistry and biology.

The introduction of Computer Science, which is a part of the government’s ongoing technology-based education reforms, is excellent news for the future of UK gaming as it intends to encourage a pool of local talent for the nations gaming industry.

The Next Gen Skills campaign had recommended the inclusion after the poor take-up of computing in A-Levels had continued into 2011/12. The campaign’s co-chair, Ian Livingstone was pleased with inclusion:

“Getting Computer Science accepted as a subject on the English Baccalaureate could be transformational. It is a huge victory for the Next Gen Skills campaign and our partners.”

This follows another bonus for the UK gaming industry: the budget confirmed a tax break for games developers last year, which will come into force during April of this year.