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Gaming Reads Weekly – January 27th

Published January 27, 2013 by |
Super Hexagon

Keeping on top of an endless Twitter feed or a piling up RSS list can be daunting. Each and every week Gamebrit brings together a selection of some of the gaming stories that caught our eye and are worth your attention.

So sit back relax and grab a drink and give the gaming articles you may have missed this week a read:

Don’t Ignore Android

Developers are often put off developing for the Android platform due to the seemingly high rate of piracy and the endless amount of devices that need support. However, taking the time to tend to the fragmented market can be worthwhile.

Terry Cavanagh, creator of iOS hit Super Hexagon, took the time and effort to bring his fiendishly difficult game to Google Play, and the results were surprising.

Super Hexagon: An example of why you shouldn’t ignore AndroidMike Rose, Gamasutra

Nintendo Try To Kickstart Some Enthusiasm

Nintendo’s recent Direct presentation, which saw Mr. Iwata deliver promises on upcoming key Wii U software, has been likened to something of Kickstarter project. Chris Plante of Polygon draws similarities between the regular video updates from Nintendo to that a Kickstarter backer update.

Invest in the Wii U now, and the rewards, such as a new 3D Mario game, will come later. It’s an interesting change in how product announcements are made, and it’s worlds apart from the glitz and fervour of the typical E3 reveal.

What Nintendo has learned from KickstarterChris Plante, Polygon

THQ Failed, But The Industry Should Still Be Taking Risks

The downfall of THQ may make this already cautious industry even more so. Safe wartime first person shooters and bald space marines aplenty. But, lets hope not.

THQ took plenty of gambles, from the uDraw tablet to the Stick of Truth. Not all of their gambles paid off, but in a generally risk-averse industry somebody needs to be prepared to step beyond the normal. Who will, and who can make it work financially is another matter.

Opinion: Don’t let THQ’s failure stop you taking risks Christopher Dring, MCV UK

That’s your recommended reads for this week, be sure to come back next week for more.

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