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Snow Fan Of The Weather? Play These Games Instead

Published January 26, 2013 by |

Snow. Love it or hate it, it’s increasingly becoming a more regular feature of the British winter. So to celebrate it, or to help you through it, Gamebrit have taken a look at some of the best (and worse) snowy worlds in videogaming.

Avaglance at our list, dig out one of the listed games and enjoy the snowy weather from the comfort of your sofa.

Oh, and we haven’t counted snowboarding games because that would be cheating, a list full of SSX, 1080 Snowboarding and Snowboard kids would be rather predictable.


Banjo-Kazooie-Freezeey-Park‘Freezeey Park’ — Banjo Kazooie (1998)

A level that looks similar to scenes of a snow covered Great Britain, complete with evil snowmen in top hats — who just so happen to throw snowballs at the bird and bear duo. Rare produced a snow-capped platform environment that was arguably more fun that its Super Mario 64 counterpart.

The deciding factor? The ability to turn into a Walrus — an option frankly all games should have.

Modern-Warfare-2-Cliffhanger‘Ciffhanger’ — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Cliffhanger provided one of the more exciting and original Call of Duty experiences, standing out from usual killing in urban environments.

Topped off with a bromance and a snowmobile escape, we couldn’t ask for more.

Goldeneye-007-Surface‘Surface’ — GoldenEye 007 (1997)

James Bond’s Nintendo 64 adventure was one of the first to present a beautiful (albeit now dated) snow environment. Surface, the games fourth level, sees you powering down a big communications dish and using stealth to escape the cold and enter the base.

This level also features a terrible fog that seemed to blight numerous game in the 1990’s (we’re looking at you Superman 64).

Mario-Kart-64-Sherbet-Land‘Sherbet Land’ — Mario Kart 64 (1997)

One of the more difficult Mario Kart 64 tracks to master, which made a return in the Wii version.

Sherbet Land with its slippery road, ice water hazards and suicidal penguins separated the casual Mario Kart players from the professional. And that’s before you even get to the penguin cave of death.

Sonic-3-Icecap‘Ice Cap Zone’ — Sonic 3 (1994)

What could be cooler than Sonic snowboarding into a level?

Ice Cap Zone is a gorgeous wintry level from Sonic 3 filled with snow-capped terrains, ice crystals, and cool music.

It has to be up there with Casino Nights as one of the best Sonic levels.


‘Cool Cool Mountain’ — Super Mario 64 (1996)

Nintendo’s first 3D Mario game saw you jumping through the painting into this wonderful snowy environment. It kinda had to make the list, right? Although we did have seconds thoughts due to the bizarre penguin-murdering saga that tarnishes this level:

After you’ve returned the penguin chick to its mother to collect a star, you can pick the baby penguin up again and jump off the edge of the level, killing yourself and the penguin in the process. The horror. For a more sinister approach, you can choose to just sacrifice the baby penguin, leaving you free to walk away from your murderous crime.

Uncharted-2-Mountaineering‘Mountaineering’ — Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009)

In a game based around breathtaking environments, the icicle filled ‘Mountaineering’ level is one of the best, particularly as Nathan Drake ventures further into the beautifully lit glacier caves.

Which begs the questions; is there nowhere he won’t go dressed inappropriately? He’s not even wearing gloves. Mad man.

Entire Games:

Ice-ClimbersIce Climber (1984)

A classic Nintendo platformer, featuring Popo and Nana that had to make the list as it’s one of the only non-sporting games that’s entirely based in chillier climates.

Apart from maybe Lost Planet, but we haven’t included that because it wasn’t all that good.

SkiFreeSki Free (1991)

A charming little game created by Chris Pirih, in which the aim is to ski down an endless slope avoiding obstacles.

After a while an abominable snowman chases you down and eats you. Horrifying.

You can play a Flash version of the classic game here.

Ski-Or-DieSki Or Die (1990)

An all-encompassing winter sports game from Electronic Arts released for the C64, NES, Amiga and PC. It’s seemingly one of a few games with a focus on skiing before snowboarding became the outright ‘cool’ standard.

It’s the only game on this list that allows you to have a snowball fight. For that reason alone it makes the list.

And finally…

Metal-Gear-SolidMetal Gear Solid (1998)

Given that most of the game is set inside it’s easy to forget that Shadow Moses, the island on which the game takes place, is in Alaska and therefore snowy!

Something the developers Konami put to good use with some excellent snow based stealth and boss battles, such as the tank and Sniper Wolf. Sorry, snow jokes here.

That’s our round-up of some of videogamings best (and worst) icy escapades. Feel free to share your snowy gaming memories in the comments.