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Gaming Reads Weekly – January 20th

Published January 20, 2013 by |
Kid with gun (image by Bikerock on Flickr)

Keeping on top of an endless Twitter feed or a piling up RSS list can be daunting. Each and every week Gamebrit brings together a selection of some of the gaming stories that caught our eye and are worth your attention.

So sit back relax and grab a drink and give the gaming articles you may have missed this week a read:

Videogames and guns: A debate fuelled by fear

Here in the UK are take on guns, violence and ‘objectionable’ content in videogames is one that is now, for the most part, easily put to rest. However in the US it’s an entirely different story. The NRA fear the government is setting out to take away their guns, and the games industry fears the government is trying to censor its work. Rob Fahey looks at this “mud-slinging” that’s “fuelled by fear”.

The violent games debate isn’t about facts; it’s about hearts and mindsRob Fahey, Games Industry International

Gaming: Male-dominated no more

Less reading, more viewing on this pick. The BBC this week ran a report on the rise of female gamers, and how it’s predicted that this year the male-dominated hobby will, for the first time, see women overtake men as the game-playing majority – with thanks to smartphones and casual games.

Majority of gamers could be women by end of 2013BBC, Bryony MacKenzie

Playing no more – The fall of Play.com

Once the UK’s number one online retailer, Play.com recently announced they will be departing the direct retail business altogether. Christopher Dring of MCV takes a look at the fall of the once mighty Jersey-based retailer, and how tax, loopholes VAT and videogames all played their part in the the Play.com story.

What went wrong at Play.com? Christopher Dring, MCV UK

That’s your recommended reads for this week, be sure to come back next week for more.

If you have any suggestions for stories you think folks should be reading just drop us a tweet with your reccomendations.