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LoveFilm’s Lack Of Wii U Rentals Due To “Website Glitch”

Published January 18, 2013 by |
LoveFilm by post

Amazon-owned LoveFilm say the lack of Wii U titles currently available to rent by post is due to a “website glitch”.

Nintendo’s latest home console launched in the UK back in November, but since launch users of LoveFilm’s service have had difficulties in renting out popular titles such as Zombie U and New Super Mario Bros. U. 

LoveFilm Games Filter - No Wii U Games

Users can choose to filter available games by platform, Wii U games are not an option.

LoveFilm users trying to find Wii U games will discover a general lack of presence for the new console across the entire site.

The main Games page on LoveFilm currently lists titles for various machines, including the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the original Wii. However, Wii U titles are not highlighted at all.

Performing a manual search for games on the site does provide some results. Searching for “Wii U” returns around 3o search results, yet the facility to add games to a rental list is inconsistent.

A spokesperson for LoveFilm told Gamebrit that the inability to select Wii U games for rental is due to a temporary “website glitch” which is affecting the visibility of the ‘Rent’ button. In our tests the button would either not show up for any Wii U games at all, or following a refresh, only on select titles, seemingly at random.

LoveFilm Wii U Rentals

Despite the current issue (which is being worked on) LoveFilm confirmed their support for Nintendo’s new platform, adding that new Wii U titles are being added continuously.

Game rental packages on LoveFilm start from £5.89 a month.