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Finally! Skyrim DLC Coming To PS3

Published January 18, 2013 by |

After what may seem like an eternity to PlayStation 3 owners, Bethesda have revealed that all of the downloadable content for Skyrim is finally coming to Sony’s console.

From February gamers will be able to get their hands on all three pieces of downloadable content with a bonus 50% discount during its launch week.

To put into perspective the delay that’s been imposed on PS3 owners, the first expansion Dragonborn, was released for the Xbox 360 back in June last year.

While it’s good to see the content finally make an appearance you can’t help but wonder how many may have abandoned the game in the meantime. With lag issues that seemed to only affect the PS3 as well as the lack of DLC it may be a case of to little too late perhaps, even with the generous discount?

Dragonborn sends players to the Island of Solstheim full of new towns, dungeons & most importantly quests. Heathfire brings a Sims-esque element to Skyrim as you can build and customise your home. Warriors will also need to guard their new homestead from kidnappers, bandits and infestations. Dawnguard is the latest content which challenges gamers to defeat the Vampire Lord Harkon or become a Vampire Lord themselves.