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London’s Brick Lane Gets 8-Bit Transformation Ahead of Wreck-It Ralph Debut

Published January 11, 2013 by |
Wreck-It Ralph

Disney’s upcoming flick Wreck-It Ralph is set to arrive in cinemas early next month, so in order to celebrate the films release London’s trendy Brick Lane has undergone something of an 8-bit transformation.

The East London street has been given a makeover, where visitors will find an 8-bit London cab, 8-bit dog, postbox and even digital pigeons. However, if you want to see the changes for yourself you’ll have to be quick as ‘8-bit Lane’ will only be in place until Sunday, January 13th.

Wreck-It Ralph Brick Lane

The well-received film follows the journey of videogame “baddy” Ralph, who, grown tired of being the villain sets out to become good. Throughout his travels, Ralph hops around the arcade he inhabits, going from game-to-game to reach his goal. This adventure sees him bumping into numerous characters from gaming history, including Sonic, Bowser, M.Bison, Q-Bert and more.

Wreck-It Ralph Brick Lane

To make the ‘8-Bit Lane’ a reality Disney took on the services of sculptor Aden Hynes, who then created the artwork you’ll currently find down Brick Lane. Speaking about the work Hynes said “I played 8-bit games as a teenager, so it was great to realise that vision in three dimensions” adding that “in many ways the retro styling has much more charm than the hyper reality of today, I’ve never been asked to make an 8 Bit taxi before”.

Those who happen to find themselves at Brick Lane this weekend can also partake in a little bit of augmented-reality gaming. By pointing their smartphone, equipped with the Blippar app, at The Nicelanders building gamers will be able to play a Wreck-it Ralph themed game.

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If you’re hoping to see the 8-bit transformation for yourself then you’ll need to head to The Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL.

Wreck-It Ralph is in cinemas nationwide from Friday, February 8th.