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FIFA 13 Behind 12% Of Recent Break-Ups

Published October 16, 2012 by |
FIFA 13 Love

EA’s recently released FIFA 13 has been dominating the UK charts since its debut, but it also seems to have been dominating players attentions, resulting in a number of couples breaking-up.

FIFA’s annual release often causes a rise in disgruntled significant others who loose their partner to the allure of one of the years biggest releases. However, it would seem that some couples have lost their other-half’s for good.

According to recent survey from VoucherCodesPro, figures reveal that FIFA 13 played a part in 12% of break-ups in the UK within the past month.

More than one in ten out of the 1,124 now single people polled claimed that the latest in the long-running EA Sports football franchise was partly to blame in the breakdown of their relationship.

Of those blaming FIFA 13 for their break-up the statistics also highlighted that 43% claimed one person in the relationship spent more time with FIFA 13 then with their partner. Unsurprisingly 87% of the guilty party were male.

George Charles of VoucherCodesPro said that “games are meant to be a source of fun not strife”.

He added that “people see video games as a break from reality, but it seems that the virtual world can have implications in the real world too. Video games can get addictive, but it’s important to keep a hold on reality and not let it detract from daily life”.

If you’re relationship ended because you were guilty of playing videogames just a little too much, whatever you do we don’t advise signing up to dating site Date-A-Gamer.

Now, who fancies a game of FIFA?

Image via Orange