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EA Send Draft FIFA 13 Email In Error

Published August 15, 2012 by |
FIFA 13 Messi

A few hours before taking to the stage at Gamescom 2012, Electronic Arts (EA) sent out an email to avid FIFA fans giving them a sneak peek at a new trailer ā€” however it seems the message went out just a bit too early, as it still contained some fairly obvious placeholder text.

Alongside the trailer (which you can watch here), the email included information on pre-order offers, highlighting special bonuses when buying via particular retailers. Yet the details on these exclusive incentives were lacking.

Gamers who pre-order FIFA 13 Ultimate Edition at GAME will receive the Adidas All-Star Team, an in-game team made up of some of the world’s most talented players, but instead of detailing this the email read:

“Please can we add in a line: Exclusive to GAME If we can add in the GAME logo as well that would be great.”

The same error was in-place for the Amazon deal. Those that pre-order via Amazon will get 10,000 in-game credits to use on unlockable items. But the email simply read:

“Please can we add in a line: Exclusive to Amazon.co.uk If we can add in the Amazon logo as well that would be great.”

FIFA 13 Email Error


At EA’s Gamescom conference the company announced that a demo of FIFA 13 would be made available on Thursday, September 13.

You can see all the pre-order incentives for FIFA 13 on EA’s website.

Thank to James McDonald for spotting this.