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PS Vita Gets €50 Temporary Price Cut, But Not In The UK

Published May 30, 2012 by |

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is to receive a €50 price cut, by way of a rebate.

The temporary deal, which is only available in France, will run for six weeks from June 1 to July 15, allowing shoppers to buy the handheld at retail then claim back a €50 (£39) rebate.

First reported at MCV, the news was initially thought to be a European-wide offer, however further clarification revealed that the limited-time offer was exclusive to the French market.

A Sony Computer Entertainment UK spokesperson confirmed to MCV that the deal is a “limited retail price promotion that is only available for a short space of time in France”.

The French Sony deal is a curious one, as temporary price cuts (even if it is a rebate) will no doubt confuse and frustrate the market, especially for those that come to buy and find out they missed out on the six week window of opportunity.

Nintendo’s 3DS saw a significant price-cut less than five months after its launch, and many speculated that the under-performing Vita would take a similar path. Maybe E3 will offer up some more concrete pricing plans going forward?