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BBC Mistake Halo Logo For UN Symbol

Published May 28, 2012 by |
BBC News UNSC Halo

A recent BBC News at One bulletin showed the logo for Halo’s UNSC accidentally when discussing the United Nations Security Council.

The blunder, which was quickly removed from subsequent broadcasts, confused Halo’s fictitious United Nations Space Command with the UN Security Council.

BBC News UNSC Halo

Screen capture via Luke Mair

During the news bulletin, presenter Sophie Raworth reported on criticism from Amnesty International towards the UN’s involvement in Syria. The report was accompanied by on-screen graphics showing the Amnesty symbol alongside Halo’s UNSC logo.

This mishap no doubt came about due to the United Nations Security Council not having its own independent logo, so when a Google image search for ‘UNSC’ is carried out, a series of Halo related images are returned.

Talking to Eurogamer, the BBC said that “very occasionally mistakes do happen” confirming that “an incorrect logo was used during a segment on last week’s News at One bulletin and we apologise to viewers for the mistake.”

A video showing the incorrect logo in use can be seen below: