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Microsoft Launches BBC iPlayer Application On Xbox 360

Published March 20, 2012 by |

The BBC’s own online video service, BBC iPlayer, has finally found its way onto the Xbox 360.

The application, which has been available to PlayStation 3 users since last year and to Wii owners since 2009, was launched by Microsoft on March 20th. The service is expected to be available to all UK users by midnight of the same day according to a Eurogamer report.

Dave Price, the head of BBC iPlayer said: “It’s been well documented that the BBC, due to the unique way in which we’re funded, have to make their services available wherever BBC iPlayer is for free. Microsoft fully understood in order to make the service available, it had to be available to all Xbox users.

“That was something that was very much clear, and it’s great Microsoft supported us to ensure we are available to all the millions of Xbox users.”

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer on Xbox 360

Users can expect high-definition playback and Kinect support, including gestures and voice control.

The iPlayer will be available to all Xbox Live subscribers, which includes non-paying users and Gold members, despite Microsoft’s prior wishes. Apologies to those outside the UK, as this service won’t be available to you.

We’re happy to see iPlayer finally arrive on the 360, as let’s face it, the Five On Demand application wasn’t quite cutting it for our television needs.