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DEAL ALERT: What PlayStation Vita Offers Are Out There?

Published February 18, 2012 by |

Despite the PlayStation Vita’s recommended retail price of £229.99 for the WiFi model and £279.99 for the 3G & WiFi model, retailers are already slashing the price ahead of its 22nd of February release date.

We scoured the internet to find the best deals and bundles on offer to save you a few extra pounds on launch day.

Rumours are floating around that supermarket ASDA will be selling the WiFi model for under £200 in their stores. This is said to not include a memory card – something which is vital to save games and install any downloaded titles. The cost will reportedly increase to around £215 when bought with a 4Gb memory card.

Amazon have pulled out all the stops to provide a comprehensive start up package with the WiFi only model priced at £209 and the 3G & WiFi version slashed to £259.99. Both of these also include a free 8Gb memory card worth £27.99 and allow buyers to get one of the following games for only £15 when purchased at the same time:

  • Asphalt Injection (RRP £17.99)
  • Michael Jackson : The Experience (RRP £17.99)
  • Rayman Origins (RRP £32.99)
  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance (RRP £29.99)
  • Lumines Electronic Symphony (RRP £32.99)
  • Virtua Tennis 4 (RRP £32.99)

Play.com have a wide variety of bundles for your perusal, the cheapest being a £212.99 WiFi model with a free 8Gb memory card and a pre-order pack. The pack includes limited edition in-ear headphones in the ‘PlayStation Vita Blue’ colour scheme, £5 discount on a number of downloadable titles, exclusive Vita themed items for PlayStation Home, an exclusive Vita avatar for the PlayStation Network and early access to the Frobisher Says! game.

ShopTo.net also have a selection of deals including the WiFi only version for £209.86 with a pre-order pack. If you are willing to splash out and pay £218.86 then you can get the same but with either F1 2011 (RRP £29.86) or Ridge Racer (RRP £15.85) bundled in, and what’s a PlayStation launch day without some Ridge Racer?

So will any of these price cuts tempt you into taking the plunge for Sony’s latest handheld? Let us know in the comments.