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Comedian John Robertson Creates Choose-Your-Own Adventure On YouTube

Published February 17, 2012 by |
The Dark Room

Australian stand-up comedian John Robertson has taken it upon himself to create a fully-fledged choose-your-own adventure game using annotated links on YouTube.

Starting with “You awake to find yourself in a dark room…”, The Dark Room has multiple branching paths leading to two possible endings, with John’s hilarious commentary dressing each choice -“The Dark Room smells of roomy-darkness”.

Although you might come across a particular video several times on your way around the room, there are new videos being added to the interactive video adventure.

It is an ingenious idea with a heap of laugh-out-loud comedy on offer. It’s well worth groping a few walls in order find that pesky light switch John is desperate for you to find.

John Robertson is performing at Jongleurs Comedy Clubs through Swansea, Southampton, Cardiff and Bristol during February and March.