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Sticking with the flicks: Netflix say no to videogame rentals

Published February 8, 2012 by |

Film and TV show subscription service Netflix launched in the UK last month, joining rival LoveFilm in feeding the nations entertainment needs. However, unlike the Amazon-owned LoveFilm, Netflix lacks game rentals – meaning that if you’re looking for a LoveFilm alternative that offers games Netflix isn’t for you, as the company has reaffirmed it has no intention to move into the videogame space.

Netflix’s UK offering differs from its US equivalent as it only provides content streaming, whereas in the US customers can choose to either stream content or receive it by postal DVD.

In recent months, arising from now retired plans to spin-off Netflix’s postal service into a separate company, there was chatter about Netflix introducing game rentals into their product offerings.

However, following an investors meeting in late January Netflix CEO Reed Hastings bluntly confirmed that the company will not pursue earlier plans to offer game rentals.

As you might expect, considering Netflix UK is a streaming only deal currently, the chances of them adding a games by mail service seem unlikely. We reached out to Netflix for clarification as to whether Hastings’ comments applied to the UK market also.

Confirming our suspicions, a spokesperson detailed that: “Netflix in the UK and Ireland offers instant click and watch access to tens of thousands of hours of films and TV programmes streamed over the Internet.” going on to assert that “That’s our proposition in the UK, we do not have any plans to offer DVD by post or games.”

Netflix’s reluctance to start offering videogame rentals is no doubt music to the ears of rival LoveFilm, but since its launch in the UK this January Netflix exceeded expectations, growing faster than when the company launched in Canada – so LoveFilm can’t rest on their laurels just yet.