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Resident Evil 6 Lets You Move Head, Aim Eyes At New Trailer At The Same Time

Published January 24, 2012 by |

Capcom, the developers behind the long running Resident Evil series, have finally revealed their next title in the survival horror franchise with an explosive trailer.

After many viral teases on the NoHopeLeft website Capcom decided to put an end to the varied theories behind the sites meaning, with a to-the-point reveal trailer — so sit back, get comfortable and treat your eyes to 3 minutes and 25 seconds of Resident Evil action to whet your appetite for its release later this year.

So what can be gleaned from this debut trailer? For starters, the action once again takes the over-the-shoulder perspective introduced in Resident Evil 4 and continued in Resident Evil 5. This has clearly been evolved as players now seem to be able to move and aim at the same time (1:17). This change to the manoeuvrability marks a hugh shift for the series and finally addresses common concern amongst certain gamers and critics, including our own. Further movement options appear to have been added with a greater emphasis on cover (2:44) as well as the ability to roll (2:47) and even slide onto the floor to shoot (2:53).

The trailer also highlights three distinctive play styles on offer, each revolving around an individual character:

Leon S. Kennedy, the protagonist from Resident Evil 2 and 4 is back once again and is to be contending with a virus outbreak in a place called Tall Oaks in America. He isn’t alone, instead accompanied by a woman who has a unknown guilty conscience about the events currently taking place. Leon’s section also appears to feature the classic flesh-eating zombies from the earlier titles although now they have gained some extra abilities as seen in the leaping assailant at 1:17.

Chris Redfield is also back and doesn’t appear to have changed much visually since the events in Resident Evil 5. This time however he is in China battling the plague ridden enemies infected with ‘Las Plagas’ featured in Resi 4 and 5.  His sections seem very action heavy and involve the most cover-based action to fight both the mutating infected and possibly humans, as seen at 2:50.

There is a brand new and unknown protagonist who favours his fists over guns as he proceeds to pummel his enemies with possibly inhuman strength. This has led to rumours that he may be Alex Wesker, the experimented-on brother of series antagonist Albert Wesker. This is further cemented by the statement that the world needs his blood as heard at 2:24. Co-op is significantly hinted at during the mystery man’s sequences as his female cohort never leaves his side and even appears to revive him at 2:15, a common animation used in Resident Evil 5 to administer life saving health.

As far as the trailer goes, the game is looking pretty promising but we’ll hold out full judgement until we have more solid details on the gameplay itself. The developers have certainly got some big boots to fill considering Resident Evil 5 managed to break records by surpassing the rest of the top ten British game sales in the week of its release as well as outselling many other entertainment media including films, albums and singles in a very short amount of time.

So what are your thoughts on what has been revealed so far for Capcom’s flagship horror franchise? Let us know in the comments section below.