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Argos To Stop Offering Pre-Owned Games

Published December 10, 2011 by |

UK retailer Argos has announced that it will no longer be offering pre-owned games to its customers.

The catalogue store entered the second-hand games market in March of 2010 following similar moves from HMV, Tesco and ASDA. By July of 2010 Argos’ trade-in scheme had been rolled out to all of its 800+ stores.

After twenty months in the pre-owned market the general retailer has now revealed that it is to stop offering its customers Argos gift cards in exchange for second-hand games.

The companies website, which previously allowed customers to check how much store credit they would receive for their games, now simply states “We no longer offer a video games trade-in service”.

Argos will still be selling new-release titles.