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Mercury Hg – Heavy Elements DLC Review

Published November 8, 2011 by |

Mercury Hg released on the PlayStation Network recently and received positive reviews including a solid 8 out of 10 in our review. So, as promised, the generous developers have released their first piece of downloadable content (DLC), known as ‘Heavy Elements’, has landed.

Weighing in at £1.59, this content once again follows the budget price trend set by the main game. The controls and general premise remain the same as before and that’s certainly not a bad thing. Players will still guide their mercury blob through each level trying to reach the end while working towards other goals such as collecting bonuses, achieving time limits and not losing any mass along the way.

There are 30 new levels to work through as well as additional challenges and bonus levels. These are seamlessly worked into the period table layout of the main menu and feel right at home. New areas don’t add any extra obstacles to those found in the original title but the difficultly did feel like it was dialled up a notch or two. Despite this boosted challenge, there was still only an extra hour or so of gameplay depending on your skill level and love of leaderboard climbing.

Mercury Hg’s ‘Heavy Elements’ DLC is a decent addition to the game but it doesn’t seem to expand the experience in any way. While the new levels certainly don’t copy what the main game has to offer, they simply place familiar challenges in new and varied environments. Despite all that, if you are itching for another round of globular gratification then Heavy Elements is not going to disappoint or surprise you. Hopefully the next DLC pack will present a little more variety than this one.