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Is PlayStation Plus Worth It? Not So Much…

Published June 16, 2010 by |

This year’s E3 finally saw Sony reveal a premium PlayStation Network (PSN) service, one that was hinted at earlier this year, and long before then. It has been confirmed that the service will arrive in the UK on 29th June and will cost PS3 gamers £39.99 for a 12-month subscription, or £11.99 for a 90 day subscription.

So what are the key incentives to get people on board?

First up there’s the offer of a free PlayStation Network game, two free minis and one PlayStation One game, premium avatars and dynamic themes every single month. Players can also set up their PS3 to automatically download firmware updates, game updates and even game demos. Last but not least are full game trials, which give the opportunity to access full PSN titles and Blu-ray games for approximately an hour, for a deeper and more complete demo than ever before. More information, and a trailer, can be found over on the EU PlayStation blog if you fancy a further gander at what the PlayStation Plus service can offer.

However, despite the feature set on offer, it’s not yet tempting enough to cough up the price of entry. The free games, themes and avatars may provide up to £200 worth of content per year, but if they aren’t games or features desired (or perhaps ones that have already been purchased), then why would gamers want to pay for them?

The hour-long, full-game trials may at first appear to be a welcome addition, but there are several rental services already out there giving gamers the chance to play the full game, for even longer, and save buying the full title. As for the automatic updates and demo downloads, it’s a handy feature, but it’s by no means revolutionary enough to warrant having such a price attached to it.

Ultimately although this service is the same price as Xbox Live, Microsoft still maintains the edge with its cross game chat and party features. These may only seem like small communication features, but it’s still something that is sorely missing from the PlayStation Plus service. Cross game chat and party features are key additions that many users have long been waiting for, and would without doubt be willing to pay for. Sony have confirmed that the premium service will evolve in time, so until Playstation Plus matures and offers more value for money, wallets will remain firmly shut.

What are your views? Will you be signing up to PlayStation Plus and if so what feature(s) tempted you to take the plunge? Let us know in the comments…