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Our Top Five Favourite Game Glitches

Published June 2, 2010 by |
Red Dead Redemption

Everybody loves lists; if they didn’t why would Channel 4 keep producing them? Best comedy films, best comedy moments, best comedy quotes, best comedians – they are all something we need to know in a sequential numbered format. But top 40’s are often convoluted and tend to loose impact when the number one spot comes around. With that in mind we decided to keep proceedings short and sweet. A top 5, no more, no less.

This time we take a look at those occasional glitches found in our beloved console games.

Seeing characters running through walls are an annoyance at best; but other glitches result in some hilarious, impossible, and often unusual outcomes. Here’s a list of the five that tickled us the most, in no particular order. Enjoy.

5. Skate – Epic Crashes

Skate was a breath of fresh air for enthusiasts of the extreme sport, replacing the over-the-top tricks with far more realistic and believable ones. Tony Hawk’s only possible option would have been to release some sort of skateboard peripheral in response. Oh wait. Regardless Skate’s aim was realism and it achieved it – well almost. Skate stumbled on an odd physics glitch. Rather than collapsing on the ground in a heap when bailing from a trick, characters would often be catapulted into the air; far, far into the air. Realistic if skateboarding took place at breakneck speed, but at 10mph it’s a tad excessive.

4. Gears Of War 2 – Dancing Car From Hell

Glitches that see characters twitching like a caffeine addict at 4-am are common, a quick Internet search will produce one hit after another. But objects? That’s another matter. Enough searching will produce gems like this video of what the user accurately describes at the ‘dancing demon car from hell’. The demon car will mesmerize with each twist and turn, whilst eating at the soul of those who dare stare at it’s dark, wondrous majesty. Dance demon car, dance.

3. Modern Warfare 2 – Javelin Glitch

A bit like the Olympic sport. Except the field is a generic war-torn urban environment, the javelin is a portable anti-tank guided missile, and the final outcome is… explosive. In the most repeatable glitch on the list, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players needed just to equip the Javelin, arm it and run into an opponent. As soon as the opponent retaliates the javelin would explode, taking down the player and the poor sods that happened to be close enough to it’s over sized comic-like explosion.

Fortunately for the unwitting recipients this glitch has now been fixed. So people will just have to find a find another glitch to exploit, or just don’t cheat.

2. Heavy Rain – Naked Madison

Ever since the rumours of a cheat that removed Lara Croft’s clothes in the original Tomb Raider, numerous players both male and female have been longing to see their favourite characters in the flesh. Shower scene aside, Quantic Dream’s interactive drama Heavy Rain provided that, albeit through an unintentional glitch.

Following the love scene between Ethan Mars and lead female character Madison Paige in the ‘On the Loose’ scenario, one player reported that he declined the kiss, however the love scene continued. After reloading his last save point, there she was. As the tabloid papers would put it ‘Madison Paige in full frontal shocker’. Don’t start replaying the scenario expecting the same affect though, as reports of a repeat performance have been few and far between.

1. Red Dead Redemption – The Incredible Donkey Lady

Numerous people have enjoyed riding donkeys. More people have enjoyed riding… no wait. An odd glitch in Rockstar’s recent Wild West adventure Red Dead Redemption (which has also been turned into a recent film) has combined the two questionable hobbies and allows players to ride a donkey woman. That’s right a donkey woman – a woman’s body, a donkey’s face.

In this odd video the user encounters, approaches and tames the alleged beast. An act that separates the men from the cowboys. It seems as though the glitch is a bug that made it through the testing process, so expect a patch to fix it soon and perhaps the odd dismissal at Rockstar Games’ testing centers.