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Metro 2033 DLC Revealed

Published May 12, 2010 by |

Metro 2033, the post-apocalyptic First Person Shooter from 4A Games, hit stores in March this year to a respectable reception from critics including a distinguished score from our very own Rob Burgess.

Though due to it’s lack of multiplayer the game could very easily fall into the trap of being played once and never again. Fortunately, the developers have remedied this with downloadable content (DLC), which is set to arrive in the near future.

The so-called ‘Ranger Pack’ adds new weapons, achievements and some deadly ‘Ranger Mode’ game rules. These add an extra element of extreme to gameplay with the standard ‘Ranger Mode’, reducing ammo but increasing all weapon damage. For the even more hardcore challenge, there is the aptly named ‘Ranger Hardcore’, which does all of the above plus removes the Heads Up Display (HUD) for a more immersive experience. Just to even the odds two new weapons have been included – the Heavy Automatic Shotgun and the Volt Gun, Miller’s signature gun. New achievements and 250 Gamerscore points will also be available for the taking.

The Ranger Pack will be released on both Xbox Live Marketplace and Steam in the near future, although prices have yet to be confirmed. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know more.

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