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Heavy Rain Surpasses One Million Sales

Published April 16, 2010 by |

Heavy RainQuantic Dream’s Heavy Rain has sold over one million copies in the five weeks since it’s release, according to an announcement on the PlayStation blog. This could come as a surprise to many, who believe the game strayed too far from a traditional format to be a success.

However, the game has proved people wrong and has become one of the best PS3 exclusives of the year, due to it’s intricate storyline and unique control scheme.

Heavy Rain is based around four protagonists who are involved in the mystery of ‘The Origami Killer’, a murderer who uses heavy rainfall to drown his victims.  Each decision the player makes in the game directly affects the story and can result in various outcomes. The action sequences are played out as quick time events, providing a unique gaming experience found in no other game on the current market.

Downloadable content for the game called ‘The Taxidermist’ is now available in the PlayStation store. This chapter of DLC provides us with the back-story of photojournalist Madison Paige – one of the main characters in the game – as she investigates one of her early leads on the Origami Killer.

Thinking about buying Heavy Rain? Then be sure to read GameBrit’s positive review, over one million people can’t be wrong.