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3D Gaming Coming To Next Nintendo Portable

Published March 23, 2010 by |

Nintendo announced early on Tuesday morning that the next iteration of their popular DS handheld would feature a 3D display.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

According to the companies statement the new handheld, currently dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, will go on sale within the next fiscal year (April 2010 – March 2011). However common-sense and speculation most likely point to a pre-Christmas release date. Beyond the hint of a release window Nintendo were lacking with additional details. The Japanese firm provided no hint as to what 3D technology the device will make use of, only detailing that glasses will not be required. A possible price point was also not provided.

For those attending this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in LA this June, Nintendo have confirmed that the 3D-capable portable will be on show. A spokesman for Nintendo, Ken Toyoda, said the following regarding the device: “We wanted to give the gaming industry a head’s up about what to expect from Nintendo at E3, we’ll invite people to play with the new device then.”

With the recent interest in 3D technology, both at the cinema and at home, it’s no surprise that Nintendo have decided to undoubtedly cash-in on the growing market. Although it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Nintendo have dabbled in three-dimensional gaming. The company first tried, and failed, with the headache-inducing Virtual Boy back in 1995. But with more than 125 million Nintendo DS’ in people hands today, we doubt a repeat 3D failure is on the cards.

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