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Five Games For Lovers This Valentines Day

Published February 13, 2010 by |
Wii Sports

Valentines Day Feature

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so why not try something different this year? Put away the cliché candles, roses and Barry White CDs and get out your games console instead. Not sure what to play?

Well luckily for you, Gamebrit is on hand to provide you with a low down on five titles to entertain you and your significant other on the special day of love.

Valentines Day Games


Little Big PlanetWhatever your gender it’s hard not to be charmed by the cutesy stylings of LittleBigPlanet and its mascot Sackboy. With his expressive arms and face, an exclamation of “Aww, how cute” is never far behind. Add to this an incredibly easy to use control scheme and forgiving platforming action, it’s a title that anyone can get into. For all the couples out there, the game comes with cooperative gameplay so you can traverse levels together or even try and combine forces to create your own dream level. Always remember though, it’s not just about placing stickers and decorations all over each other.


SingstarsNothing quite gets a party going like some alcohol and karaoke, as friends bawl incoherent lyrics down the microphone. Place this in a romantic situation to replace the usual wailings with serenades that, with at least to two involved, sound tender and loving. After all, why tell each other how you feel when ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness can probably say it so much better than you ever could.

Wii Sports

Wii SportsOne of the first games to get people waving their arms in the air (like they just don’t care), and one that broke down the barriers to get even those who typically avoided video games into the spirit of console fun. Place this in the hands of a loving couple and watch the good times roll. The night soon evolves from a light hearted game of golf to a heated boxing match where the winner takes all, and usually involves the male being totally emasculated. Of course we let her win though, right?

Rez (with Trance Vibrator)

The original version of this game was released back in 2002 Rezfor the PlayStation 2, but the trance vibrator was only available in Japan. Since then a high definition update, Rez HD, has been made available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, with a second controller covering the ‘function’ of the greatest, albeit optional, peripheral that turned an acclaimed rhythm shooter into something both him and her can intimately enjoy. The trance vibrator is a rectangular add-on that vibrates along to the musical rhythm of the game and, as gamegirladvance proved, can be used to ‘entertain’ a girl while the guy plays the game. So why not add some extra buzz to your valentine’s day?

Mario Kart Series

Mario KartRacing around in karts whilst throwing hollowed out tortoise shells doesn’t seem like the most enticing prospect for a romantic weekend in, but whatever version you’re playing, Mario Kart offers up some tasty action. If the head-to-head competition is proving too strenuous, then switch to co-op and revel in what a great team you both make. Mario Kart’s simple controls make it a game that offers a realistic chance of success, even on the first attempt. Of course we guys can put it down to a fluke.

If gaming seems like a less than ideal way to spend some time with a loved one, then why not have read about the couple who used Borderlands as a relationship fix, while saving themselves some marriage counselling fees in the process. A classic happy ending full of cell shaded graphics, alien creatures and a bazillion guns. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and if you’re single, no worries.

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