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Most Anticipated Games Of 2010 – Xbox 360

Published January 13, 2010 by |

Most Anticipated Games Of 2010 - 3602010 is looking to be crammed full of gaming goodness, especially on Microsoft’s Xbox 360. A lot of titles have been pushed back from 2009 into the beginning months of this year, with many developers citing that more time is needed to ensure their games are polished. So with a number of titles now polished and ready, here is our pick of what you should keep your eye on in 2010.

Mass Effect 2

Bioware have taken much of the feedback from both press and public opinions of Mass Effect to ensure their sequel is of the highest quality. The game also includes the ability to use a Mass Effect save game for implementation, bringing in all of the consequences from the decisions that have made. With improvements in every field, from a new combat system, with enhanced AI, cover systems, and weapons, to improved dialogue sequences, and exploration, Mass Effect 2 is set to stun when it is released on January 29th.

Bioshock 2

2k’s hugely stylised and atmospheric Rapture returns for another action packed trip. Picking up 10 years after the events of the first game, the role you play is that of the first prototype Big Daddy striving to find the Little Sister that you were first paired with. When it becomes clear that a new order has been placed over Rapture you join forces with some new and old faces in an attempt to over throw the antagonist Sofia Lamb and her army of enforcers – Big Sisters. Some scepticism has been placed over the addition of a multiplayer mode, but that has not diminished the excitement as Bioshock 2 dives in on February 9th.

Red Dead Redemption

It has been almost 6 years since the last Red Dead game, and in that time we have seen the likes of Gun and Call of Juarez fill the Spaghetti Western hole in video games. While these games are by no means terrible, they lack that special something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Rockstar is renowned for a high quality finish to all of its games, and if there is any genre that you would like to see revamped in a Grand Theft Auto style it has got to be the Wild West. Rockstar San Diego takes the GTA IV engine and open world sandbox gameplay into the American Frontiers of 1908, making it a one to look out for when it is released on April 27th.

Alan Wake

With games such as the Max Payne series under their belt, Remedy Entertain have some quality that gives them the benefit of the doubt when taking their time with their latest title Alan Wake. A physiological action thriller, the game takes place in the fictional Bright Falls as the protagonist, best selling writer Alan Wake, finds himself waking to a dream world. Alan is witnessing his latest work come to life, without memory of writing it. The game is set to make interesting uses of light and dark in both the story line and gameplay, and takes particular inspiration from the TV show Lost and Stephen King. Alan Wake seems as though it has been in development forever, nearly 5 years since the announcement in fact, but it is finally heading towards the light in Q2 2010.

Halo: Reach

After the 2009 release of Halo: ODST Bungie will look to expand the franchise for the last time with their last Halo game, this time in the form of the prequel – Halo: Reach. Taking the role of Lieutenant ‘Noble Six’ as part of a six man elite team, you join the fight as a replacement in the imminent attack on the vital colony of Reach. A multiplayer beta will be available “no earlier than April 28th”, with Halo: ODST used for access. Halo: Reach is expected to land this autumn.