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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Preview

Published December 8, 2009 by |

The first Bad Company became quite a surprise hit for most people. Especially the kick-ass destructible environments which allowed the flow of gameplay to constantly shift and the way in which the multiplayer had huge maps with a large variety of vehicles, from golf carts to helicopters. After playing the Beta, I’m glad to see that DICE have made something even more enjoyable than the first.

First of all, the graphics of the game have had an overhaul – they have a much more detailed look – especially in the guns and character model department. Plus, with this being a demo from a game that still has around four months development time before it is actually released, it’s expected for them to be even sharper than they are now. In addition to the impressive graphics, the map (that is available to play in the demo) is much more detailed than those of the original, with a lot of variety thrown in too. Offering an open highway with bases at each end, it’s a tanks dream. The CQC of the town’s streets also make it an infantryman’s dream.

The gameplay has also seen some changes in the beta. Everything was much smoother in terms of movement and actions, such as the melee – which is now a simple button press, instead of the previously required equipping action. Tanks are no longer the indestructible vehicle that was guaranteed to get you a kill streak, they are now much more vulnerable to a few well placed RPG’s, or of course the Engineer class’ drill. Two new vehicles have also joined the ranks, a quad bike, and a UAV. The latter is a remote controlled helicopter, which has the ability to call in airstrikes on enemy positions and is also very good for recon, spotting where enemy snipers are hiding. However, it is very vulnerable, so keeping your distance is advised if you want to keep up a barrage of airstrikes.

DICE’s destructible environments have also had an overhaul. Unlike the previous game, whole buildings can now be destroyed and you can now use your guns to chip away at walls and fences instead of completely destroying them. This opens up new ways the game can be played, as you can move around using fences and walls only for temporary cover.

The classes of the game have also seen some changes, and most definitely for the better. The basics are all still in place with the Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon, each with their own perk. These perk’s include such things as the Medic’s revival tool and the Engineer’s drill. However unlike the first game, you unlock weapons during the course of playing the game, and they then become immediately available for you to choose. So if you’re tired of sniping halfway through a game, why not switch to your unlocked shotgun and get some CQC time, before going back to making the enemy team’s day that much worse?

Overall, DICE have seriously managed to build upon the success of the first Bad Company and really turn the sequel into something potentially awesome. Even though the Beta contains one map and no single player action. If the multiplayer is anything to go by, you won’t be disappointed. So will this beat Modern Warfare 2? It could be, but we’ll have to wait until March 5th to find out.