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Watchdog Reports On PS3 Hardware Failures

Published September 19, 2009 by |

A couple of days ago the consumer advocacy programme Watchdog decided to report on the PS3 issue known as the ‘Yellow Light of Death’. Put simply this cause the PS3 to stop working and according to Sony this can be for a number of issues.

The main issue that Watchdog were hitting on is that after a 1 year warranty Sony will no longer replace it for free and a refurbished replacement model will cost around £128.

What followed was an attempt to fix a number of PS3 for free outside Sony’s London office in some sort of protesting way. It was later revealed that out of the 11 fixed, 4 had already broken again. Watchdog had promptly received a letter from Ray Maguire who is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of SCEE UK. Sadly they seemed to skim over it and not really respond in a professional manner.

Naturally we are interested to see where this goes and we’re sure the next couple of weeks will be very interesting indeed. Any thoughts or opinions on this?