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Nintendo Reveals New DS Bundles

Published September 18, 2008 by |

Cat playing DSSurely every person on the planet has a DS by now? Well, just in case you have any family members or pets who have yet to sample the delights of Nintendo’s little dual-screen gizmo and are looking to get one for their Xmas stockings, you may be interested in the latest bundles, out in time for the holiday season.

The bundles are set to be launched some time next month (October), come in a variety of colours and will be priced between £120 and £130.

They are:

  • White DS & Brain Training – £120
  • Black DS & Brain Training – £120
  • Red DS & Big Brain Acadamy – £120
  • Pink DS & Nintendogs: Labrador and friends – £130
  • Blue DS & Cooking guide – £130

Nintendo have also revealed that they will be discussing new ‘product information’ at their retail conference on October 2nd. Could this mean an unveiling of the much-rumored new DS?